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Set new directions for coping with the rapidly growing traffic and urbanization.


solutions for tolling systems

How to cope with constant congestion? How to prevent traffic jams, accidents – and how to convert road traffic into a feasible system? These questions come from our partners in the traffic and tolling industry. The good news is that the technology is right in our hands for efficiently managing mass traffic and optimizing traffic load basically anywhere: from city centers to multi-lane highways.

Wishes from the tolling sector:

  • Less congestions
  • Plannable traffic load
  • Reducing accidents
  • Optimized usage of existing road system
  • Easy transfer to digital tolling
  • Finding a way to manage big traffic data

How we contribute:


Multilane Freeflow Systems

Traffic monitoring and tolling should not limit the traffic flow – gantries provide a non-intrusive, automated surveillance from city centers to highways.


Automated Tolling

No need to stop at toll booths, traffic monitoring cameras automatically read license plates and verify the road usage through the backend database.


No More Traffic Jams

Introducing tolling on high-frequency roads helps distributing traffic efficiently to optimize and leverage the full road network.


Databases for Mass Traffic Data

Managing the constantly increasing traffic records is a real challenge – but not with purpose-built traffic databases such as our solution.


Accident Prevention

Reduce speeding, eliminate traffic violations with automated detection of driving misbehaviour – using advanced traffic monitoring systems.


Journey Time Measurement

With advanced traffic monitoring, the load the full traffic network can be efficiently measured and such input serves for future infrastructure improvements.

Create a mobile tolling solution that works anywhere with a portable ANPR camera.

Learn how to use such a device for the best results

Let’s dive into the details and see how we can join forces to redefine the 21st century’s traffic industry.

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