Globessey Data Server (GDS)

Combined Data Server and Middleware

Highlighted Features


Easy Deployment

Installer for Windows and Linux systems. Single-click registering of Adaptive Recognition cameras.


Visualization & BI Features

Selection of business intelligence dashboards for reporting and traffic monitoring.


Live Health Monitoring

Map-based camera status reports and warnings, following SNMP protocol. Health check protocol (tentacle) can be utilized as well.


Query Operations, Action Lists

Advanced filter editors (incl. geofencing) help you create alerts and notification rules.



OpenAPI documented, with public SDK samples and simulator service.


Export & Import Data

PDF, CSV, XLS formats, with email and mass-export option. Import of core data from external source.

GDS is a universal traffic data collection and visualization middleware for backend system providers that comes with an advanced front-end GUI and works out-of-the-box with Adaptive Recognition ANPR cameras.

Being based on the industry-leading ELK stack, GDS is a combination of a database layer, authentication and transaction layer, and a front-end layer in one complete package that is tested end-to-end.

Native Compatibility

Adaptive Recognition Methods of integration to GDS

Documentation and Developer Resources

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GDS is prepared to facilitate solutions such as ...

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Average Speed Enforemcent

Features Offset WIM


Features Offset Port

Smart Port

Features Offset ITS

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)



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