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Combo Scan - Drivers License Scanner With OCR Software Library & SDK

The Combo Scan reader is an extremely compact, fast and automated scanner designed to read and verify both national IDs and international passports against counterfeit, alteration, or forgery.

The Combo Scan´s efficient image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), bar code reading and authentication functions offer numerous advantages to hotel check-in, casino, car rental, retail, or liquor stores and many other industries where identification is required.

The image acquisition, optical reading and authentication is made in a single-step which does not require the document to be moved nor repositioned; offering easy handling for the user. Automatic detection of IDs, such as, driver licenses, credit cards, visas, passports, etc. along with the Combo Scan´s applied breakthrough technology, greatly diminishes the time to authenticate accurately. This saves 3 to 4 minutes per customer vs. manual data input.

The optical module of the Combo Scan device takes the images in dual LED illuminations - visible white and infra red (IR) - and the OCR reads the data from these images within a few seconds, reducing data entry errors.

The Reflection Removal (RR) technology of Combo Scan´s innovative software eliminates the obstacles of accurate text recognition by clearing away the reflective security marks from the scanned images. The MRZ lines, VIZ and 1D/2D bar codes of any ID-1 size document (ID-1 is a typical size US driver license or credit card) and the MRZ lines of any ICAO standard passport and visa are then read fluently by Combo Scan.

The Combo Scan reader has no moving parts and comes in an ultra compact, ergonomic design to maximize user comfort. It is both powered and communicates via a single USB connection.

Both the drivers and a Software Development Kit (SDK) accompany the Combo Scan readers on a CR-ROM. To ensure compatibility with your system, several operating systems and programming languages are recognized and supported by the drivers and the SDK.

Our Combo Scan modules offer effective data entry and reliable authenticating software along with remarkably compact hardware to bring great convenience to identification operations.
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