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PRMc - Full-Page ePassport Scanner With OCR Software Library & SDK

The PRMc document readers are a series of full-page, fast and accurate scanners to read, authenticate, and verify passports, visas, electronic IDs, driver licenses, and other personal identification documents.

Using innovative technology, the PRMc document scanners quickly and accurately extract customer and passenger data from travel documents and IDs to verify these documents against alteration, counterfeit, forgery or any other type of misuse.

Many security operations - including border control, immigration, consulates, banks, hotels, rental car companies, and any other industry where identification is required - can benefit from the PRMc´s efficient image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), bar code reading and authentication functions.

The image acquisition, optical reading, and authentication time is greatly reduced due to the applied breakthrough processing technology of our PRMc scanners. The optical and RFID reading is made in a single-step which does not require the document to be moved nor repositioned, offering easy handling; no special training is required.

The optional 700 DPI camera takes high resolution, 24 bits/pixel color (or 8 bits/pixel monochrome in IR) pictures of passport or ID photos for accurate detection of forgery or alteration. This facial camera uses automatic color calibration to offer exceptional extended high color fidelity (extended Color Fidelity or XCF); outstanding deltaE values (ref.Q-60R2 Kodak Target).

The optical module of the PRMc makes the images, the OCR reads the data from these images and the PRMc´s RFID reader module reads the data from the RFID chip of the passport. The user/programmer will see all this as just a single-step reading process. The entire image taking process and data reading takes only a few seconds together and requires minimal user intervention. The communication between the computer and the PRMc is made via USB connection.

Regardless of the position of the RFID chip within the passport, the PRMc unit reads the RFID chip well, even on maximum bit-rate, without compromising the high image quality. Our PRMc scanners handle both BAC and EAC authentications.

Accompanying the PRMc reader is a CD-ROM containing both the drivers and a Software Development Kit (SDK). Most operating systems are recognized by the drivers and the SDK, ensuring the PRMc is compatible with any system. For easy integration, several programming languages are also supported. Many sample programs are offered in the SDK, giving programmers the opportunity to conveniently design, build, and/or customize a document scanning system to suit exactly the needs of the clients.

Our PRMc offers professional and stylish, easy-to-use ergonomic hardware coupled with sophisticated state-of-the-art technological software to bring exceptional advantages to security and safety operations.

*The PRMc scanner automatically detects the document and captures three images: in normal white, ultra violet (UV) and infrared (IR) illumination. These images are then sent to the computer. The computer communicates with the optical reader and the RFID reader of the PRMc. Instantly, the OCR on the computer reads the information from the MRZ lines using these images. The read OCR data is then passed back to the PRMC´s RFID reader module (in case of BAC), which then starts to communicate with the inlayed RFID chip of the document. The RFID chip sends the information stored within the chip´s memory in textual and biometric data (fingerprint, face photo, etc.) to the RFID module of the PRMc. The RFID module returns the RFID-stored information to the computer.
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* Descriptions and specifications are subject of change without prior notice