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ParkIT - Digital(IP) Access Control Camera Designed for License Plate Recognition

ParkIT is a fully digital license plate recognition IP camera, created for parking applications and operations.

The ParkIT camera is a compact license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) camera in a resistant single sealed waterproof enclosure with an IP65 rating. The camera includes a synchronized infra red (IR) LED illumination unit providing clear and sharp images during day and night. Its technical features include pan tilt, wall mounted brackets with hidden cabling, auto day & night switching, barrier control functions (trigger in/out) and many more.

Access control (entry & exit) to restricted car park or vehicle storage areas, maximum stay car park management, pay-on-exit (POE) car park management, pay-on-foot (POF) car park management and security control or monitoring application areas can benefit from the progressive capabilities of ParkIT.

When ParkIT is combined with our LPR/ANPR technology, full audit trails of all vehicles, central registrations of permit holders, reduced administration, low maintenance costs and better traffic flow are all made possible. Disabled users, as well as all car park users will have no need to carry access cards or codes.

Engineered to be a true Plug & Play intelligent device, ParkIT requires minimal technical knowledge during installation, operation or maintenance.

The built-in automatic setup technology makes installation significantly faster, less costly and more time efficient. The proprietary automatic adaptation technology - by which the camera automatically adjusts itself to the changing environment conditions - brings smooth and problem free operation. The embedded web server allows easy remote observation, maintenance and control. An extra software module is provided for effortless integration with CARMEN OCR engines and software modules. Several programming languages are also supported.

The ParkIT is available as a single unit or bundled with the LetUgo user application. Beside its Plug & Play features, ParkIT provides you with confidence in the collected data due to its elevated precision in recognition and identification.
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