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CARMEN FreeFlow - License Plate Recognition Software Library & SDK

The CARMEN FreeFlow License Plate Recognition software engine is a comprehensive image recognition library to enhance intelligent traffic systems and large access control environments with fast and highly accurate automatic license plate identification and recognition capabilities.

Traffic monitoring and security, tolling and congestion charging systems, speed and journey time measurement, access control, parking management, bus lane enforcement, border control or gas station monitoring, can all benefit from CARMEN FreeFlow´s advanced recognition technology. Whether it is a gantry mounted motorway toll enforcement lane controller, a back office red light violation processing application, a mobile police system or webcam based marketing data collection solution, CARMEN FreeFlow meets all the requirements.

Our product offers country independent recognition technology as well as recognition of license plates written, not only in the Latin character alphabets, but also in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hindi and many more.

Besides reading the license plate number, CARMEN Free Flow offers visual vehicle detection, visual motion detection, color recognition of the license plates and identification of the origin/jurisdiction of the license plate, and thus the vehicle itself.

The state-of-the-art technology within the CARMEN FreeFlow license plate recognition software brings the processing speed of most images down to a range of milliseconds, while sustaining the highest accuracy. Our software is hardware independent and compatible with images sources such as: still images, analogue or digital cameras and MJPEG video streaming.

CARMEN FreeFlow is specially developed and designed to be easily integrated into even complex intelligent traffic systems. CARMEN FreeFlow´s Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a simple, clear and well-structured application programming interface (API) for straightforward, quick and cost effective software integration. CARMEN is available on desktop and embedded Windows, Linux and other specific platforms.

Thousands of systems are operating smoothly in more than 200 countries around the globe, proving the capabilities of the advanced technology of the CARMEN FreeFlow software.
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