Adaptive Recognition America
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Who We Are

Adaptive Recognition America is the North American branch of Adaptive Recognition Hungary (ARH).

Established in 1991, ARH is located in Hungary, Central Europe. Our Head Office is in Budapest and our Innovation Center is in Perbal.

ARH develops, manufactures and distributes intelligent software and devices which process images in the context of security, safety and traffic control.

A majority of our clients are system integrator companies who fabricate innovative technological systems for their customers. Our technology and products aid our partners bringing to the market the latest high-tech, most accurate and reliable recognition solutions.

Having been on the market for over 20 years, we continue our committment to innovation, quality, reliability, and credibility.

Adaptive Recognition´s facts:
  • Over 50,000 ANPR/LPR systems and installations worldwide use our technology
  • Over 30,000 - ranging from small individual to national - systems operate with our ID Document Scanners and Passport Readers
  • Over 2500 partners, in more than 200 countries internationally, has integrated our products to the benefit of their customers
Our recognition technologies can be found in every continent and in countries ranging from Australia to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to Korea and beyond.

Committed to providing uncompromised quality in all of its products and services at all times, ARH is certified according to three ISO standards.

ISO 9001:2008  Quality management system covering an entire operation´s workflow: manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support
ISO 14001:2004  Environmental management system minimizing the negative environmental effects of a company´s entire operations
ISO 27001:2013  Information security management system protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data

The ISO certifications verify ARH´s operations have been conforming to the highest international standards since 1991.
Business Statement

It is our priority to understand and meet the exact needs of our customers.

We aim to bring you complete satisfaction with our products, services and support by combining our deeper understanding with our knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

Our business policy is based on:
  • Customer Understanding
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Outstanding Quality Support and Services
By understanding your needs and requirements we provide you the right leading edge technology with mindful services and support.

All elements of our business model converge to build strong, stable and long lasting partnerships with the purpose of sustaining customer satisfaction.